Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've somewhat violated my own process by converging Stages Six and Seven of my ten-step process of story writing (see my earlier post) - doing some serious editing and, when I discover a piece that should go elsewhere, I move it and smooth the surrounding text to fit.  At places I've discovered some fact needs inserting, or I mention something referring to events that have not yet occurred in the narrative that needs fixing, which leads to further rearrangement.

Make no mistake, this is tedious, repetitive work that requires careful attention to detail and for which I am ill-suited by disposition and ADD.  Since all of the research is done I have little to excuse excursions from the task of finishing this piece.  Onward I slog, trying to focus on the goal which now seems within reach.  Just a few more days, I think and . . .

OMG! The original proposed ending no longer fits the thousands of words I've invested.  The last three scenes have to be rethought or the entire effort falls apart like a house of cards.  Three little scenes, less than five thousand words stand between me and the next bit of fiddling.

Of all the stories that I've written the ones that made the most impact were those where I had to change my original ending.  This story, despite my high hopes and expectations, is proving no different.

So it goes.  The writing continues.

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