Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thoughts at World Fantasy Convention

Not much time available with all that's going on down here in Crystal City, so this will be brief.

I love the green rooms and bars at most conventions since they are the places where I can meet face-to-face with people of whom I never see enough.  Sure, a lot of the conversations with other writers is about business - contracts, markets, etc, but these casual conversations are more often the incubators of story ideas or character sketches.  I can have extended conversations not possible through limited electronic media and learn things I'd never expected to know, like the gait of an African zombie as opposed to one of the Caribbean persuasion.

Not once have I encountered an author so wrapped up in their importance that they wouldn't have a kind word or bit of advice for another.  Often, when pressed, they'll admit to the same self-doubts, feelings of inadequacy, and frustration that I occasionally face.

Sure, among the group of writers there are some assholes, a few racists, and a lot of ignorance - just like in any broad segment of the general populations and, on too many embarrassing occasions, myself (although never with malice aforethought.)  But in general I've found writers to be quite ordinary in everything save their ability to spin a captivating tale, pose a challenging question, or play a terrific round of Cards Against Humanity!

When I walk down the aisles of the dealers' room, a local bookstore or library and read the bindings I see the names of friends, acquaintances, and people I've met at least once.  The same names appear among my facebook "friends," or are listed on my phone or email directory/ Many appear on the frontispiece of one of my signed copies of their books.  I sometimes hear them blouvating on a podcast, in a web interview, or even see their names mentioned in a newspaper or magazine.

They are all writers and I am proud that most consider me one of them.


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