Sunday, July 3, 2016

Status Report

 After enduring a long dry period of writer's block I've once more become engaged with the craft, but slowly.  This comes just in time for ReaderCon in Boston where I will no doubt be roundly criticized for not my lack of production.

 Worse, I am finally seeing publication and realizing how far behind I've gotten.
  • Earlier this year my blue collar space story "Highjack" appeared in Trajectories.
  • "Haunted" the complex novella Cat Rambo and I struggled over has appeared in Apex & Abyss
  • I've also been promised an October release of my tale of cybernetic love "Turtle and Bird" in Men and Machine
  • Several reprints of my Analog SF/F are also pending publication. 
  • I remain hopeful that the one novel in review finally finds acceptance but have yet to interest anyone in my most recent one.
  • And who knows what acceptances I might receive on something among the ten pieces I  have in circulation (or of the six WIP) between now and September, which is the latest date that might see a 2016 publication.
Yet, with all this activity I am still reluctant to complete the almost finished stories that clutter my desktop and haunt my dreams.

Is this what recovering from writer's block feels like?