Sunday, October 24, 2010

Capclave Recap

This year's Capclave was rather more interesting than most. It was as if all my writer friends had gathered for this one occasion. My reading was well attended, although in part because Morrow preceded me with a wonderful extract of his latest work. My reading took exactly 30 minutes, which left no time for comments or questions, but that was fine. The crowd reaction as I read told me all I needed to know. The pick-up lunch with Connie Willis, Michael Swanwick, John Hemry, John Wright, and L.G Lamplighter was fun, although I was thoroughly im-Palined by Connie. Two readings and and three panels filled the afternoon, followed by the mass signing event where all the writers in attendance sat around while Connie's line snaked around the room. All in all a most satisfactory con.