Friday, January 7, 2011

Halfway There (maybe)

At the second dramatic point I realized that I need to condense and collapse the three subsequent scenes into one long scene in order to heighten the drama and introduce some new ones.  This effort expanded, and then reduced, the number of scenes back to the twenty I'd started with, although they are no longer the twenty in their original form.

To get a quick appraisal of the first quarter, I lightly edited it for my forthcoming writers' group meeting where the other professionals will probably rip it to shreds (at least, that is my hope.)  Their observations have never failed to improve my writing with their sometimes pointed observations and occasionally inadvertent prompting a of anew thought.

This morning, after a sudden flurry of furious word-smithing, I managed to reach the projected halfway point, wordcount-wise.  A quick review of the second quarter indicates that I am writing a somewhat different story than I set out to accomplish, that is, the same tale but one that needs to be told differently.

If this piece follows my usual writing pattern I'll break down the completed first draft into smaller scenes (which is easy with the Scivener tools) and then begin the arduous process of rearranging theses into a coherent whole. Of course that will only set the stage for the second draft.

Thus far I seem to be on track with the original plan and hope that it continues to proceed smoothly.

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