Friday, March 27, 2015

Finally in Print!

Over a fourteen year period I wrote a five hard SF novelettes and novellas about sailing on various planets (Earth, Jupiter, and Mars.) Most were published in magazines, collections, and  as reprints and e-pubs. One story (Primrose and Thorn) became a Nebula finalist and later appeared in Gardner Dozois' Years Best.

Six months ago Ian Strock of  Fantastic Books asked me to publish a trade paperback collection where I could bring all my sailing tales together in a single volume.  Since all the stories were in the same universe and featured the same characters turning the stories into a novel was easy.  The completed work is mostly about the sheer joy of sailing as seen through the eyes of two principal characters and a few peripheral players.

Fantastic Books: $13.99 trade paper (216p)
 ISBN 978-1-62755-633-0
After considerable editing and proof-reading we corrected the most egregious errors in the original stories, cleaned up the flow a bit, rearranged a few scenes, and commissioned a beautiful cover by George Krauter that conveys the sense of wonder the stories were intended to generate.

During the editing process I was surprised to discover that the science used in the stories had withstood the test of time, as does the seamanship, which is not so surprising since we've been sailing boats for thousands of years and the songs of sailors, wind, and water have not changed.

You can find  Distant Seas on Amazon and at the  Fantastic Books  table at various conventions up and down the east coast. It will soon be available in eBook format.  

Glowing reviews of the  novel have already appeared in Publishers Weekly (a one-star review!), LibraryThing, and Goodreads.

The book launch will be at Ravencon in Richmond on April 24-27, 2014. Stop by and I'll sign a copy for you.


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