Saturday, February 21, 2015


Here it is Saturday morning and I haven't yet put in my ninety minutes writing a blog post.  Yeah, despite my promise to turn out a weekly post, I've obviously failed.  I apologize and offer no excuse but forgetfulness.

I could offer an excuse and say that I was excited to learn of two forthcoming contracts for short stories this week, but then I'd have to admit to the rejection that I instantly turned around to the next market on my list.

I could say that I was preoccupied trying to straighten out a complicated plot line whose chronological progression was not smooth, not deliberately you understand, but from aperiodic attempts to bang out the story when interesting scenes occurred to me instead of following a planned route that I usually try to follow.*  As a result I had cause following effect instead of them being the right way around. Also, a number of scenes involving the same characters were not only taking place at the same time, but in completely different places.  Some of them even had different names (consistency is not my strong suit.)

Anyhow, I can't use the screwed up draft as an excuse any more than the snow, the depressingly cold temperatures, or the damned squishy, green hairballs the big cat (18 pounds) spews on the rug where I can step on them in the dark of morning when I stumble to my office to check mail, etc in case there's yet another heart-breaking rejection I have to turn around.

Maybe I can plea that I have too much going on - a terrible thing to happen to someone who has ADD.  At the moment I have various novel drafts floating around, a couple of novel proposals, six short stories, novelettes, and novellas in circulation, and a shitload of partial drafts that I'vepromised myself I will finish, some day soon.  Perhaps.

So that is why I haven't got something this morning.  I hope you will forgive me.

*I blame Jamie Todd Rubin: He must have infected 
me with his pantsing virus at CapClave last year.


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