Saturday, October 25, 2014

(Almost) Reaching Plotland's Destination

Finally, after blundering hither and yon, stomping through the morasses of confusion, conquering mountains of doubt, cutting away vast jungles of irrelevant prose,  fording gaping chasms of plot holes, and slogging every so painstakingly across the carefully tended furrows of line editing, I managed to finish one of my novels.  This particular one has been a seven year journey and I am grateful it's done.

Except I only get to call my work as a penultimate final draft - other voices are yet to be heard and I will probably be a nervous wreak waiting for the Beta reader inputs that will hopefully help me produce a blessedly FINAL final draft.

Only even then, when I've beaten all the demons into submission, it will not really be final.  There still remains editorial comments to be addressed, squinty-eyed copywriter corrections, and thousand other details designed to drive the most rational of writers into nightmares of revenge and retribution over those who wish to change a single, golden word.  

But such is the way of the world where a writer's suffering* is ever the norm.

Next week the NaNoMoWri obligation will be upon us, during which time I hope to finish off the OTHER novel plus the two (almost done) novellas, and perhaps publish some eNovellas or eNovelettes from my trunk.  Or maybe I'll just stand naked in the cold Autumn air and beat myself on the head with a hammer for a month.

It's about the same thing.

*I may have mentioned this before.


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