Sunday, August 17, 2014

Collaboration II

Last year Cat Rambo and I set out to write a short story without a clear idea of where we were heading.  Each of us contributed things we thought might be interesting to a reader, letting our imaginations run free and the story develop itself.

About three quarter of the way through what had become a novelette, we started to inflict plot on the narrative and purpose on the protagonist, moving pieces about to inject backstory and foreshadowing, as necessary.  This moved the story somewhat longer and into novella territory, where it ended up at about eighteen thousand words after being cut severely from around thirty thou.

There were some conflicts about the disposition of the cat, which ended up like Schrodinger's, neither alive nor dead, much like the end state of the protagonist.  There was no shouting, pouting, nor wrestling for control between us, which was not easy considering we are both control freaks.  So, it is a measure of success that we remained friends thereafter.

This summer we decided that we should try again for a SHORT story that used both of our skill sets to complete. Thus far it seems to be going well with both of us of one mind on where it is going and what we are trying to accomplish.  It should also remain short as both of us are on extended travel about the world.

Stay tuned.


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