Friday, December 13, 2013


In my years of corporate experience, in life, and with my writing I  have always found it easier if I follow a routine.  At the simplest level this is always putting your keys in the same place so you need not search for them.  Maintaining a reminders list or calendar postings keeps life orderly and predictable, especially if you can allocate your hours and set priorities.

I find that similar practices of mind work for writing.  Setting objectives and sticking to them is important, as is finishing whatever you start.  Too many times it is easy to abandon a project when the  initial creative flush has faded and the dog work of development has to be accomplished.  Sometimes however one must step back to let ideas mature before resuming the effort.  Of course this requires that you must keep track of drafts, versions, and deadlines in some consistent way.

The most important practice for a writer, I have found, is that you must put your ass in a chair and be writing regardless of how you feel and to do this day after day after day.  It is so easy to put things off, to delay, to find other interesting time-consuming things to occupy your time and attention. It is just as easy to neglect reading to expose your mind to other styles or modes of expression, but never at the price of missing a daily application of tail in chair, fingers on keyboard or scribbling with pen or pencil.

The most important thing is to persist, struggle, and keep writing.


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