Friday, June 7, 2013


My God, I thought I'd be able to stop thinking abut writing for a few weeks as I travelled from the Nebula bash and up the California and Oregon coasts to Portland for a week's visit with family.  Maybe, I hoped, a break from writing would give me a rest from that vague thing that continued to tease me for a time.  Yes sir, a full week of non-creativity would do my mind wonders, said I.  Of course there was SFWA work to be done which left little time for writing anything!

So, at the Nebula banquet a quiet conversation resulted in a promise of a collaboration, quite innocently I assure you.  I suddenly fell back into full creative mode, my brain filled with plot lines, scenes, back stories, etc etc, etc.  instead of mindless vacation thoughts.  Damn!  I couldn't even admire the breathtaking scenery of Oregon's southern coast without generating scenes for my protagonist.

I found myself stealing time to knock an idea out on my iPad, sending a quick message to another writer, and thinking about the new story and the collaboration, the unfinished novel, and the list of unfinished drafts awaiting me at home.  Then I get an acceptance (which is quite nice thank you by much) and following that, a rewrite request. 

I'm going to have to take more vacations.


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