Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stone Soup

A wanderer came into town declaring that he could make soup from a special stone he carried.  As the stone simmered in the pot he opined that it could use a little onion for flavor, after which others suggested more ingredients to improve the stone soup, all of which led to a delicious 'stone" soup everyone who contributed could enjoy.

You've borne with me as I struggled to open the floodgates of creativity for the past few weeks. You've heard me talk about how I've scribbled bits of this and bits of that, sometimes a scene, sometimes a bit of dialogue or description, and sometimes just rambling thoughts of what might go into the story.  None of this stuff was related, save that it occupied my mind whilst I awaited inspiration from my [absent] muse.  Garbage for the most part I thought but was too stingy of my words to cast it away.

In an act of desperation I threw everything into the pot where the stalled story simmered and boiled, adding no substance save a title and a few pathetic scenes.  Well, there was a part that might fit here, and don't those two pieces sort of fit together?  Maybe this bit could be rewritten to fit the first scene, and then I could paste this bit here and rearrange that.....  Suddenly the stone of my frustration had produced a reasonable story that could, with a bit of rewriting, editing, and additions just might be acceptable.

I had cooked my stone soup.

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