Saturday, May 12, 2012


It is always humbling to hear or see one's interview and have all the warts and blemishes of speech patterns, head movements, and awkward pauses that populate our discourse.  Few people recognize recordings of their own voices, so unlike those they hear resonated in their heads and most are embarrassed at their poor appearance in pictures that are strangely at odds with the one they see in the mirror each day.

Dreams of Earth
 I was recently interviewed as a genre writer by the Maryland Writers Association in relation to an article they were to run in their quarterly magazine.  The interview was wide ranging, touching on the personal, professional, and philosophical aspects of being not only a hard science fiction writer, but a short sf writer at that! I fear I waxed long on some questions, providing more information than asked, and frequently misspoke (and later corrected the errors of fact.) We touched briefly on recent works, such as the eNovel and short stories in magazines and anthologies but mostly spoke of more general subjects.

The entire two hour interview was videoed to ease transcription.  Extracts of key portions were put on line so that those who will not see the article may hear what I had to say.  A lot of this repeats things I've said at various conventions and other venues (One does eventually run out of original things to say, you know.)

All in all, I am quite pleased that I did not make a fool of myself and even managed to speak in complete sentences instead of the usual grunts and "Uh's." You can see me and  hear my voice at:

There may be further segments added later, I'm told.  

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