Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Rant

oblivoids |əˈblivoyds|Noun: Person who is not aware of or concerned about what is happening around them:  Origin late American English: from Latin obliviosus, fromoblivio(n-).
You see them everywhere: the driver who dawdles at the light, the person who ignores the turn lane only to dart in front of you at the last moment, the woman who waits until her groceries are rung up before searching for her wallet, checkbook, or whatever, the bank patron who has a lengthy conversation with the teller despite the growing line behind them, the ....

Why go on. We all see them.  We all swim downstream of their inconsiderate effluvia.  We find precious moments of our too short lives wasted as others blithely dawdle in their own ignorance. Who are these people, these time thieves, these inconsiderate bozos who pollute the social accord?

An interesting theory is that, in general, the number of idiots and assholes are pretty evenly distributed in the general population (but apparently not at political rallies or conventions.) If that is true then, if there seem to be more around you than normal, you are probably one of them. Contrariwise, if there are fewer than normal, you are probably one as well. Generally, if you become only occasionally miffed, you are probably not an oblivoid.

But be careful, the opportunity is always there for  you to join their tribe.

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