Monday, September 26, 2011


It is hard to believe that I have been steadily blogging for over a year about my writing life. Who would have thought there was so much to say, so much to deal with?

All I wanted to do at first was to explain - for my own benefit - how I put a story together. This was partially because I was trying to formulate a replicable way of writing short works at the time - a  necessity caused by the disappearance of my natural long novelette or short novella lengths from the marketplace of Science Fiction.  I had to change me rambling draft until i drop approach and pound the dump into some semblance of order to something more rational. Scene Theory I and II were the result and I discovered Scrivener, which was appropriate to the new procedure.

In later blogs I reflected in greater depth about the process of moving something from the creative spark to submittable form, and then went on to test that process on a piece I'd just gotten under contract. there result was a sting of posts as I moved from stage to stage, discovering along the way that I'd forgotten the final step - the eleventh step of the Ten Step Process.

Since then I've discoursed on and on about my emotional issues when writing, the frustrations and joys of bringing an idea to life, and the agonies of turning one's little fantasies loose on the world. I've written about my cats, sailing, hiking, and some other issues of my writing life, but mostly these blogs have been about the way I deal with being a writer and my thoughts on the process.  Much of this I've also converted in talks, presentations, and rambling discussions with others afflicted by this writing curse.

Over time I seem to have acquired a modest audience, some of whom have been kind enough to contact me and (I hope) read some of what I have produced as a writer.  If you are one of these, or just joining their happy group, I hope these little snippets of wisdom(?) will continue to be helpful, illuminating, or interesting.  If there is some aspect that you think I've missed, please let me know.

And thank you for following my rambling blog.

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